Safety & Training Commitment

The safety program at Capital Tower & Communication, Inc. and DTSI is widely regarded as on of the best in the wireless construction industry nationwide. In order to be considered for employment, applicants must pass two pre-employment drug screens, criminal background & driving checks. In addition, applicants must pass a physical evaluation and meet our mandatory DOT requirements.

The program begins with a dedication to safety and safe attitudes. All new hires must complete and pass one week of intense training that includes tower safety & rescue, first aid, CPR, RF awareness and standard OSHA training. Once employed, all employees are required to attend refresher courses. These courses involve hands-on training with various connectors, crane safety, proper rigging, defensive driving, DOT regulations, fall protection, man lift safety and physical conditioning.

In addition, various individuals are selected to receive crane operator, Anritsu line sweeping, PIM testing, fiber testing and CDL certification. Capital Tower & Communications, Inc. / DTSI is dedicated to a drug-free workplace. All employees from senior management to field workers are tested for drugs and alcohol on a random monthly basis. We staff 2 in-house certified professional collectors / DATIA. These safety initiatives have earned Capital Tower / DTSI a low EMR construction rating along with various industry safety awards. We not only strive for a premier safety program we truly provide one of the safest work environments in the industry.